Huron County Creating Healthy Communities

Huron County Public Health (HCPH) is one of 23 grantees of the Ohio Department of Health's Creating Healthy Communities Grant. This is a federal grant; more information about the state-wide grant can be found at


Vision: Making the Healthy Choice, the Easy Choice.

Mission:  Creating Healthy Communities (CHC) is committed to preventing and reducing chronic disease statewide. Through cross-sector collaboration, we are activating communities to improve access to and affordability of healthy food and increase opportunities for physical activity where Ohioans live, work and play. By implementing sustainable evidence-based strategies, CHC is creating a culture of health.


To achieve this goal, HCPH works with local schools, government agencies, service organizations, health and medical fields, businesses, county/community leaders, and others interested in improving health within Huron County. These partners make up the Huron County Creating Healthy Communities Coalition, which plays an important role in achieving our health goals. 

Healthy Eating

Huron County Creating Healthy Communities strives to increase access to healthy and affordable foods.


Active Living

Huron County Creating Healthy Communities strives to increase access to physical activity opportunities.


Meeting Dates:
Huron County Creating Healthy Communities Coalition

County/Community Agencies

  • Huron County Board of Developmental Disabilities, Carla Rospert & Rebecca Riley

  • Huron County Job and Family Services, Lenora Minor & Ashley Smith

  • Huron County Family and Children First Council, Niki Cross

  • Huron County WIC, Katie Denson

  • Huron County OSU Extension Office, Mike Gastier


Elected Officials/Government

  • City of Norwalk, Dave Light & Ralph Fegley

  • City of Bellevue, Kevin G. Strecker

  • Willard City Public Works, James Pomerich

  • Village of Monroeville, Tom Gray & Christina Raftery

  • Village of Wakeman, Christopher Hipp & Trisha Summers

  • Huron County Clerk of Courts, Susan Hazel



  • Huron County Engineer's Office, Lee Tansey & Tracy Konik

County/City Planning or Development

  • Huron County Development Council, Carol Knapp & Karmen Ross



  • Mercy Health, Julie Landoll & Rachel Danhoff

  • Fisher Titus Medical Center, Theresa Seasly, Sharon McGrail, &  Michelle Montvilas


Law Enforcement

  • Ohio State Highway Patrol, Lt. Charles Gullett

  • Huron County Sheriffs Office, Sheriff Todd Corbin & Chief Deputy David Ditz 


Mental Health

  • Huron County Board of Mental Health and Addiction Services, Kristen Cardone

  • Firelands Counseling and Recovery Services, Jacqueline Salter


Parks and Recreation

  • Norwalk Park and Rec, Lynden Ramsey & Joe Lindenberger

  • Bellevue Parks and Recreation, Amy Palsa

  • Willard Parks and Recreation, Bryson Hamons

  • Firelands Rails To Trails, Inc./Excel Bike Shop, Joe Missler

Public Health

  • Huron County Public Health, Lindsey Leber & Nicole Marks

School Administration/ Education

  • Norwalk City School District, George Fisk

  • Bellevue City School District, Kim Schubert

  • New London Local Schools, Brad Romano

  • Western-Reserve Local Schools, Rodge Wilson

Want to get involved?

If you or your agency are interested in getting involved with Huron County Creating Healthy Communities, please fill out the form below and Lindsey Leber, CHC grant coordinator, will be in contact with you shortly. You can contact Lindsey directly at or by calling 419-668-1652 ext. 270. 

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