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Huron County
Creating Healthy Communities

Huron County Public Health (HCPH) is one of 23 grantees of the Ohio Department of Health's Creating Healthy Communities Grant. This is a federal grant; more information about the state-wide grant can be found at


Vision: Vibrant Ohio communities where everyone has access to healthy food and opportunities for active living.

Mission:  Activating community-led solutions to create sustainable change in policies, places, and population health.

Commitment to Equity: Health equity is achieved when all people in a community have access to affordable, inclusive, and quality infrastructure and services tha, despite historical and contemporary injustices, allows them to reach their full health potential. 


To achieve this goal, HCPH works with local schools, government agencies, service organizations, health and medical fields, businesses, county/community leaders, and others interested in improving health within Huron County. These partners make up the Huron County Creating Healthy Communities Coalition, which plays an important role in achieving our health goals. 

man in overalls passing basket of vegetables to other person

Healthy Eating

Huron County Creating Healthy Communities strives to increase access to healthy and affordable foods.


bicycles of various colors lined up

Active Living

Huron County Creating Healthy Communities strives to increase access to physical activity opportunities.



Want to get involved?

How would you like to get involved?

If you or your agency are interested in getting involved with Huron County Creating Healthy Communities, please fill out the form below and Kayla Johnson, CHC Grant Coordinator will be in contact with you shortly. You can contact Kayla directly at or by calling 419-668-1652 ext. 248. 

Project Volunteer: A CHC project volunteer may be utilized for physical hands-on work (such as helping to assemble playground equipment, install a community garden, or plant landscaping), as feet on the ground to disseminate project information to others, or in a different capacity depending on project and abilities.

Coalition Member: A commitment to become an active CHC coalition member. This group of community partners and members is integral in the successful implementation of our grant objectives and vital in guiding the projects to best fit the needs of our community. The CHC coalition holds quarterly meetings.

Project Sponsor: A CHC project sponsor is a person/company who provides funding, services, resources and/or support for CHC active living and healthy eating projects and is accountable for enabling success.

Project Champion: A CHC Project Champion is a person who is dedicated to improving the health and the overall livability of Huron County. The project champion will be a project advocate and ensure the success of projects by using enthusiasm to share their passion to engage Huron County residents.

Huron County Creating Healthy Communities Coalition

Community Members

  • Cory Boomer

  • Devin Pollick

  • Janet Cok

  • Kassandra Lee

  • Leann Palm

County/Community Agencies

  • Huron County Board of Developmental Disabilities, Rebecca Riley

  • Huron County Family and Children First Council, Niki Cross

  • Huron County Job & Family Services, Ashley Smith

  • Huron County WIC, Andrea Caudill

  • Huron County OSU Extension Office, Mike Gastier & Haley Palmer

  • Huron County Reach Our Youth - Sarah Simmons

  • Norwalk Public Library - Stacey Church, Director

  • Second Harvest Food Bank of North Central Ohio, Polly Leland & Jessica Goble

  • W.H.Y M.E., Danielle Smith


Elected Officials/Government

  • City of Norwalk, Dave Light, Ralph Fegley, Abby Finley, Aaron Osborn, & Daren Smith

  • City of Bellevue, Kevin G. Strecker

  • City of Willard, Bryson Hamons & Kim Williams

  • Village of Monroeville, Tom Gray & Christina Raftery

  • Village of Wakeman, Christopher Hipp & Trisha Summers



  • Huron County Engineer's Office, Lee Tansey 

County/City Planning or Development

  • City of Norwalk, Mike White & Lisa Hivnor

  • Great Lakes Community Action Partnership (GLCAP), Lee Graeter

  • Huron County Development Council, Alex McCoy & Karmen Ross



  • Mercy Health, Julie Landoll & Jana Martin

  • Fisher Titus Medical Center, Theresa Seasly & Michelle Montvilas


Law Enforcement

  • Ohio State Highway Patrol, Lt. Tim Hoffman

  • Huron County Sheriffs Office, Sheriff Todd Corbin 

  • Huron County Sheriffs Office, Chief Deputy David Ditz 


Mental Health

  • Huron County Board of Mental Health and Addiction Services, Kristen Cardone & Ashley Morrow

  • Firelands Counseling and Recovery Services, Lauren Robinson


Parks and Recreation

  • Norwalk Park and Rec, Sarah Church, Lynden Ramsey, and Ian Berry

  • Bellevue Parks and Recreation, Amy Palsa

  • Firelands Rails To Trails, Inc./Excel Bike Shop, Joe Missler

  • New London-Greenwich Trail, Inc., Anna O’Donnell

Public Health

  • Huron County Public Health, Kayla Johnson

  • Huron County Public Health, Nicole Marks

School Administration/ Education

  • Monroeville Schools, Kristin Kaple-Jones

  • New London Local Schools, Brad Romano

  • Norwalk City School District, Brad Cooley & Brad Kraft

  • Western-Reserve Local Schools, Will Snyder

Creating Healthy Communities Success Stories

Read all about the implementation and success of the Nourishing Huron County Community Garden here!

Huron County Public Health would like to extend a special 'Thank You' to Town & Country Garden Club in Norwalk who donated the produce for this year's garden, and whose volunteers donated their time to weeding and watering the garden throughout the growing season. 


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