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Campgrounds & RV Parks

Campground Water & Sewage

The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is responsible for regulating non-municipal water and sewage systems that service campgrounds. Any modifications or additions to a water or sewage system will need to go through the EPA plan approval process. Visit the EPA website here or contact the EPA by calling 614-644-3020.

Campground Safety

Protect your family and pets from rabies when camping! To report an animabl bite or possible rabies exposure, click here. Report the bite to the park operator or directly to the health department.


Read Rabies in Ohio Wildlife from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

Resident Day Camps

Resident Camps in Ohio are regulated under the authority of Chapter 3701-25 of the Ohio Administrative Code (OAC).

The Resident Camp rules were created to establish minimum standards, applicable throughout Ohio, for the design, installation, operation, and maintenance of these facilities in order to protect the public from injury, minimize the potential for disease transmission, and provide a safe and healthy recreational environment.

"Resident camp" means a facility which is being primarily utilized for the purpose of camping, that requires overnight residence, indoor or outdoor activities, and exists on any tract of land together with any buildings or other structures pertinent to its use. A resident camp does not include universities, colleges, or other educational facilities. It also does not include any use of a tract of land, or property determined by the local board of health as not being within the intent of 3701-25 OAC.

The Environmental Health Division licenses and inspects Campgrounds and RV Parks to ensure that they are in compliance with the health and safety requirements of the state health department.


The inspections focus on issues related to injury and disease prevention, such as disposal of solid or liquid wastes, protection of water used for drinking or cooking purposes and elimination of any hazardous conditions.


Temporary campground licenses are issued for festivals and other special events.


For information about safe camping practices, click here.

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