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people in orange and yellow safety vests carrying a woman on an orange rescue stretcher

Emergency Preparedness

Huron County Public Health (HCPH) prepares for emergencies by developing emergency plans with local, regional and state partners which guide response to a variety of incidents that affect the public’s health. Plans address issues such as communicable and infectious diseases, emergency communications and the continuation of normal operations. In the event of a public health emergency, residents can look to HCPH to provide accurate information about the incident and guidance about what to do. 

Our Role In A Public Emergency

Communicable diseases are diseases that can be passed from one person to another, often called "contagious" diseases. HCPH staff regularly track illness/disease activity in the community to evaluate trends and patterns of illness/disease, identify the source of illness/disease, and to find ways to prevent more people from being exposed.

HCPH will communicate health information to the public through educational materials, newspapers, radio, social media, and Public information regarding trending emergency-related topics is located on HCPH's Public Information page which includes press releases and information about natural disasters, medical topics, and more. 

The latest HCPH updates can also be found on the HCPH Facebook page: Huron County Public Health.

HCPH has legal authority to make recommendations regarding the control of a communicable disease based on its potential impact on our community. The health department will communicate recommendations to schools, churches, businesses, individuals, families and the community in general.

Mass Prophylaxis

HCPH will coordinate with hospitals, physicians, pharmacies and volunteers to distribute medication or vaccines from the strategic national stockpile to prevent the spread of a disease in the event of a communicable disease outbreak.

Emergency Response Plan

HCPH Emergency Response Plan was revised in 2018. To see how HCPH plans for an emergency, please view our Emergency Response Plan. We welcome comments and suggestions on how to improve our plan. Please send your feedback to

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