Huron CountyHealth Partners

Vision Statement

To promote individual responsibility and community commitment to create a safe, healthy, and positive culture through education, involvement, collaboration, and combined resources.

Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnerships (MAPP)

MAPP is a community-wide strategic planning process for improving public health.  Huron County is planning the community roadmap to better health! Assessments completed include:

Community Health Status Assessment: 

Collect information to answer the questions " How healthy are our residents?" and "What does our health status look like?"


Community Themes and Strengths Assessment:

Collect information that will provide a deep understanding of the issues residents feel are important.​

Local Public Health System Assessment:

Collect information to identify capacity and capability of local public health system.


Force of Change Assessment:

Focuses on the identification of forces such as legislation, technology, and other impending changes that affect the health of our community.

Priority Areas for 2017-2020
  • Injury and Violence Prevention
  • Mental Health and Addiction
  • Physical Health

To get involved or for more information contact Nicole Marks, HCPH at or

419-668-1652 Ext. 225