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Disease Reporting

Why Report?

By law, certain diseases must be reported to local health departments according to Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) 3701-3-02 & 3701-3-03.  Reportable diseases are of public health concern due to their severity, the potential for epidemic spread, and cause for public health concern. Diseases should be reported promptly to prevent secondary transmission.

Prompt notification of a communicable disease allows public health officials to:

  • Control and prevent the spread of communicable diseases

  • Determine the level of disease in the community.

  • Facilitate surveillance, prevention, and outbreak control.

How to Report

A list of diseases with reporting timeframes is available here:

A Quick Guide to Reportable Infectious Disease in Ohio.


Main Phone: 419-668-1652 Ext. 269

Main Fax: 419-668-0152

After Hours Phone*: 800-734-4866

*The after-hours phone is for reporting class A diseases or a public health emergency during non-business hours.


Health care providers that report 50 or more diseases each year should consider electronic reporting through direct entry into ODRS. Contact for more information on ODRS direct entry.

Trending Topics

Reporting Forms

All Diseases (except HIV/AIDS)

Varicella (Chicken Pox)

Influenza Hospitalization

Adult HIV (13+ years old)

Adolescent HIV (<13 years old)

Severe Pulmonary Illness

Disease Reporting Training

A 30 minute webinar on the who, what, when, why, and how of disease reporting is available here:

To receive a Certificate of Completion please complete the short pre- and post-training surveys when prompted by the webinar. Please report any technical or other issues to

Severe Pulmonary Illness Reporting

The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) is requesting that clinicians report any cases of severe pulmonary disease of unclear etiology and history of e-cigarette product use to local health departments as a result of multiple state reports regarding clusters of patients experiencing severe respiratory disease after using e-cigarette or vapor products. Severe Pulmonary Illness reporting form can be found in the far lefthand 'Reporting Forms' column on this webpage.


Latest CDC case information regarding severe pulmonary illness associated with vaping is available at:

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