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School Absentee Surveillance is a way to track illness in schools and the community for individuals that may not see a doctor. Absentee surveillance benefits schools because it can be used to identify suspicious health events in your school or school districts.

Daily Data Collection

It is advised to use the laminated form and a dry erase marker to tally the number of students that call in absent each day along with the following information: Today’s Date, the School Name, the Total Student Population for the school. As students are called in sick, use tally marks to record the number in the Students Called in the Sick Box. If students are sent home, use tally marks to record the number in the "Students Sent Home Sick" box. Have parents describe to you or on the school’s absenteeism phone line/voicemail a few of the symptoms of those students sick. Use tally marks to record each symptom described.


A student may have multiple symptoms in a single category or multiple symptoms in multiple categories. Both are appropriate, so please record all symptoms reported in whichever category/categories they appear. 

End of Day Data Entry

At the end of the day,  type the following web address into a web browser: to open the Huron County School Absentee Surveillance portal. Click on the "School Data Entry" button. You should be directed to a SurveyMonkey survey. Select the appropriate school district you are reporting for, click "Next". Select the school you are reporting for. Click "Next" and follow the instructions provided.


If your school or school district is not an option please select "Other" and type the school name/district into the box provided. Your school/school district will then be added to the available options.


Enter the total student population. Enter the total number of tally marks recorded for the number of students called in sick and the number of students sent home sick. Enter the total number of tally marks recorded for each symptom. Use the comment box to type in additional details about unknown illnesses, or to clarify entries.


Please DO NOT use student names, ages, or specific items/conditions etc. that could be used as identifiers.

When all entries are completed, click "Next". A page will appear confirming that all answers have been submitted. Data entry is now complete and you may exit out of the browser.


If school is closed or not in session, NO DATA should be entered for that date(s).

For more information or questions about school absentee tracking please contact HCPH Epidemiologist at 419-668-1652 ext.269.

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