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Communicable Diseases

What is the Health Department's Role?

What is a Communicable Disease?

Area physicians and hospitals are required to notify the Health Department within specified time frames for certain communicable diseases.  Often times area laboratories, school officials, and/or families will report disease cases to the Health Department.


Health Department personnel investigate and follow up on all reports of communicable diseases to ensure that the spread of disease is prevented and that the case is following appropriate medication/restriction orders.  Some diseases require notification and possible treatment of patient contacts (e.g. family, friends, etc.).


Early identification of infected persons employed in sensitive occupations (e.g. direct food handling, caregivers, hospital workers, etc.) is essential to prevent further spread of diseases.  Education is provided to help prevent further outbreaks of the disease and to give instructions on specifics regarding disease, including infection control techniques.  


Questions about communicable diseases can be answered by calling 567-244-3269.

A communicable disease is an infection that spreads from person to person, like a cold. The purpose of our communicable disease program is to prevent the spread of serious infectious disease.

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