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Commercial Plumbing

Ohio Plumbing Code requires a registered plumber for all commercial plumbing work. The City of Norwalk requires that all residential plumbing work be completed by a commercial plumber.

Commercial Permits and Inspections

Huron County Public Health contracts with Richland County for commercial plumbing permits and inspections. Plumbers are required to be licensed through the Ohio Construction Industry Licensing Board (OCILB) and to be registered in Huron County.

Plumbing in Food Establishments

It is required that all plumbing work done in a food establishment be done by a licensed plumber and a plumbing permit must be obtained through the Richland County Health Department. A plumbing permit is needed when significant plumbing alterations are made (changing pipes or adding plumbing fixtures where connections did not previously exist).


For any questions regarding the Plumbing Program, contact Frank Brykalski at 419-774-4520 or visit their website.

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