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Huron County Active Transportation Plan 

Active transportation is "human-powered transportation that engages people in healthy physical activity while they travel from place to place". The most common forms of active transportation are walking and bicycling, which include people using wheelchairs, scooters, and other mobility devices. These activities are considered healthy, sustainable, and practical ways to commute, run errands, connect to transit and carry out daily tasks, potentially reducing the need for private car ownership and improving the environment.


An active transportation plan provides a roadmap for improved walking and bicycling within a county.

Huron County Creating Healthy Communities (CHC) guided by Toole Design and the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) is in the process of creating a county-wide active transportation plan. 


We acknowledge that our county lacks transportation systems, a connection between all communities, sidewalks, and safety infrastructure. We want to make Huron County more livable and inclusive for people of all ages and abilities by creating a transportation system that will provide a safe and well-connected bicycle and pedestrian network that will increase access for both transportation and recreational purposes.


The 2021 Active Transportation Plan is Now Available!
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Listen to a Voice-Guided Informational Description of the Active Transportation Plan

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