Vivitrol Program & Bridge Device

HCPH provides Vivitrol, a medication-assisted therapy for opiate addiction recovery. Vivitrol is an injectable, long-acting opioid antagonist that is administered every 28 days, typically for 12 to 18 months. Clients must be free from opiate and alcohol use for at least 7 days before they can receive the initial dose of Vivitrol, as well as throughout the course of treatment.

Vivitrol Services

Persons interested in Vivitrol services at HCPH must be referred by their counselor. If you are interested in our program and are not currently in counseling, our Public Health Nurses (PHNs) can help you find a local counselor.

  • During the initial visit, clients will see our physician. This visit often includes health screenings and certain blood work. 

  • Clients are highly encouraged to use contraception during their treatment and may be referred to their primary medical provider or HCPH’s Reproductive Health and Wellness Clinic for related services.

  • HCPH will share information, with client consent, with AoD Counselors, Probation Officers (if applicable), primary care providers, and insurance/Medicaid providers to assist the client with their sobriety.

  • Medicaid and most private insurances are accepted for this service. For those without insurance, our PHNs can help assist clients with applying for coverage. 

  • PHNs will also act as case managers to work with clients in accessing other local services to advance their overall health and continue their sobriety. 

The Bridge Device

HCPH is currently training and is planning to collaborate with Family Life Counseling to provide The Bridge Device, which will assist persons with detox before receiving their initial dose of Vivitrol.