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Huron County Solar Eclipse 2024

Monday, April 8, 2024

A total solar eclipse occurs when the moon appears to completely obscure the sun.

The total solar eclipse will have a 124-mile-band and the path will span 13 U.S. states, with one of the best views being right here in Huron County!

2024 Solar Eclipse Path.jpeg


A Temporary Food License is required at any temporary site, location, or separate area where food is stored, processed, manufactured, or ortherwise held or handled for sale.

Temporary Food Licenses are issued for a maximum of five (5) days.

The Environmental Health Division issues Temporary Campground Permits for festivals and other special events.

Permits will not be issued until application and plan review have been approved.

The Environmental Health Division licenses tattoo and body piercing establishments or "Body Art Facilities" and conducts inspections to ensure each facility, including temporary facilities for festivals and other special events, is in compliance with the health and safety requirements of the state health department.

A mass gathering permit is required for any event with 500 or more attendees.

Click the YouTube thumbnail to the right to listen to HCPH's Registered Environmental Health Specialist (REHS), Brendan Roberts share insight about the permits listed above. (Skip to the 9:45 mark).

  • YouTube

For questions, contact HCPH's Environmental Health Division at 419-668-1652 ext. 239

Temporary Food Licenses

Temporary Campground Permits

Temporary Body Art Permits

Mass Gathering Permits

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