Family Health Services

Services We Offer

Primary Care - Recognizing the need for low cost, quality healthcare for community members without insurance and a medical home, the Health District provides adult health care visits in our Norwalk office. 


Patient Education - HCPH's Family Health Services provides a vital service for provider and patient. Designed to enhance the provider's care with health education related to a specific diagnosis such as diabetes or to provide preventive health care instruction such as self-breast examinations, patient education is often the key to full recovery, health maintenance, or illness prevention.

Counseling sessions - are held by healthcare professionals for individuals or for the patient and family members, as desired. A minimal fee is charged for a session and most patient education activities are specifically designed for the patient involved. Topics may include detailed medication instruction, injury prevention, tobacco cessation, or diabetes, for example.​

Want to Become a Patient?

Huron County Public Health Family Health Services has been providing quality medical primary care to adults who are uninsured or underinsured in Huron County since 1998. The generous support of time and money from area medical professionals, hospitals, social service agencies and others like you have made these services available. No state or federal monies are received for direct support of this service.


There is a minimum fee. Proof of household income is required. Residents of other counties are charged at 100%.


As of January 15th, 2018, we do not accept patients with insurance, including Medicare/Medicaid. Patients are seen by appointment only.


If you do not have a doctor and want to be a patient, please fill out the patient application (both sides) and bring or send it to Huron County Public Health. Please note that this is NOT a free or walk-in clinic. We encourage persons who may be eligible for Medicaid to apply for coverage. For more information, go to Huron County Job and Family Services

Registration, Records, and Payment Policy

Registration- During your first visit, specific information must be recorded to create a permanent medical history for you. Huron County Public Health uses a computer system to store this information, to keep records of past visits, and to schedule appointments. This does save time for you, but please allow sufficient time for this interview, especially for a first visit or when updating your file on following visits.   We must also take a copy of the patient’s or the patient’s guardian’s photo identification. It is important that you keep your medical files updated. Any changes of address, telephone, household income or insurance coverage needs to be reported as soon as possible to the clerk at the reception desk. By helping us keep this information current, we can serve you more quickly and efficiently.

Records- Your medical record is held in strictest confidence by Huron County Public Health. In order to assure this confidentiality is maintained, your medical record will not be released to anyone unless you have given your written consent. If you need a copy of your medical record sent to another physician, you should ask the receptionist for a Medical Records Release Form. After you have completed the form, your record will be copied and mailed. Records are copied and mailed within 7 business days.

In keeping with records retention guidelines, your medical record will be retained for no more than three years beyond the last date you saw a provider at the District. In the case of treatment of a minor, the record will be retained for seven years beyond the age of majority (typically age 21 years).

Payment Policy- Payment is due at the time of service for self-pay clients. All service is delivered on a cash basis, which is determined by a minimum fee of $75 plus additional charges according to a sliding fee scale based on household income.  If you wish to pay your bill with a debit or credit card, a credit card fee will also be charged.  If you do not have proof of coverage or household income, you will be charged at 100% or asked to reschedule.  Patients who are self-pay and live outside of Huron County or Bellevue City limits will be charged at 100%.

Billing- You will pay your bill at the time of service. This enables us to keep fees manageable.  To avoid any misunderstandings, please discuss your financial concerns or problems early. Our staff will be happy to discuss your charges and payments with you.

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