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ABC's of Communicable Disease


After the Flood: Indoor Air Quality


After the Flood: Private Wells


After the Flood: Septic Systems


Administer Vaccine


Adverse Childhood Events (ACE's)


Amebiasis Fact Sheet


Anthrax Fact Sheet





Babesiosis Fact Sheet


Bacterial Meningitis Fact Sheet


Before You Vaccinate - Adult


Bioterrorism Agents & Diseases




Brain Injuries/Mass Casulaties


Breast Cancer Awareness


Brucellosis Fact Sheet




Campylobacteriosis Fact Sheet


Catch-Up Immunization Schedule

(Ages 4 months - 18 years)


Cervical Health


Chancroid Fact Sheet


Chemical Agents


Chickenpox Fact Sheet


Childhood Immunization Schedule

(Ages 0 - 6 years)


Childhood Immunization Schedule

(Ages 7 years - 18 years)


Chiggers Fact Sheet


Chikungunya Fact Sheet


Chlamydia Trachomatis Fact Sheet


Cholera Fact Sheet


Coccidioidomycosis Fact Sheet


Conjuctivitis Fact Sheet


Contraindications & Precautions: Guide to Commonly Used Vaccines


CO Poisoning


Cook Out Safety


Coping with Stress After a Traumatic Event


Creutzeldt-Jakob Disease Fact Sheet


Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever


Cryptosoridisis Fact Sheet


Cyclosporiasis Fact Sheet


Cytomegalovirus Fact Sheet




Ebola Virus Fact Sheet


E. Coli Fact Sheet


Eastern Equine Encephalitis Fact Sheet


Ehrlichiosis Fact Sheet


Encephalitis Fact Sheet






Fair Animal Safety


Fair Ride Safety


Fair Safety: General


Farmer's Markets


Fifth's Disease: FAQ's


Flood Precautions: Private Wells


Flood Precautions: Septic Systems


Foodborne Diseases


Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Flyer



Daycare Guidance: Crypto & Shigella


Dengue Fever Fact Sheet


Diabetes Fact Sheet


Diseases in the News


Diptheria Fact Sheet









Immunization Clinics


Immunization Schedules: (Ages 0 - 18 years)


Influenza A: Novel Virus Infection


Influenza: Associated Pediatric Mortality


Influenza: Associated Hopsitalization


Influenza Guidance for Parents


Injuries & Mass Casualties Fact Sheet


Intramuscular Injections


Immune globulin: Suggested intervals




Haemophilus Influenzae; Invasive Disease Fact Sheet


Halloween Safety Tips


Hantavirus Fact Sheet


Healthcare Personnel Vaccination Recommendations


Head Lice Fact Sheet


Hepatitis A Fact Sheet


Hepatitis B Fact Sheet


Hepatitis C Fact Sheet


Hepatitis E Fact Sheet


Herpes Simplex Fact Sheet


Histoplasmosis Fact Sheet


HIV Fact Sheet


HIV Perinatal Exposure Fact Sheet


Holiday Food Preparation Guidance


Human Rabies Exposure Algorithm


Huron County Suicide & Overdose Deaths


Huron County Youth Drug Use Fact Sheet


Hyperthermia Fact Sheet: English


Hyperthermia Fact Sheet: Spanish




Genital Warts Fact Sheet


Giardia Fact Sheet: English


Giardia Fact Sheet: Spanish


Giardiasis Fact Sheet

Gonorrhea Fact Sheet


Granudoma injuinale Fact Sheet




LAC: Lacrosse Virus Disease Fact Sheet


Lassa Fever Fact Sheet


Lawnmower Safety Sheet


Lead & Pregnancy Fact Sheet


Lead in Dust Fact Sheet


Lead in Paint Fact Sheet


Lead Medical Management Fact Sheet


Lead Poisoning Prevention 


Lead: Protecting your Baby


Lead Testing Requirements (ODH)


Legionellosis Fact Sheet


Leprosy (Hansen Disease) Fact Sheet


Leptospirosis Fact Sheet


Listeriosis Fact Sheet


Lyme Disease Fact Sheet



Malaria Fact Sheet


Marburg Hemorrhagic Fever Fact Sheet


Mass Casualties Fact Sheet


Mass Casualties: Preparing for a Terrorist Bombing


Measles Fact Sheet


Meningitis, Aseptic Fact Sheet


Meningitis, Bacterial Fact Sheet


Meningococcal Disease Fact Sheet


Mental Health Fact Sheet


MERS-CoV Fact Sheet


MOBI Immunization Resources


MOTT Fact Sheet


Mononucleosis, Infectious Fact Sheet


Mucopurulent Cervicitis Fact Sheet


Mumps Fact Sheet



National Immunization Awareness Month Flyer


National Preparedness Month Flyer


Natural Disasters & Severe Weather Fact Sheet


Needle Tips Fact Sheet


New Parent Information Flyer


Non-Gonococcal Urethritis (NGU) Fact Sheet


Nutrition: Choose My Plate


Nutrition Month Flyer





Kawasaki Disease



Ohio ImpactSIIS - Brochure


Outbreak Fact Sheet: Community


Outbreak Fact Sheet: Foodborne


Outbreak Fact Sheet: Healthcare-Associated 


Outbreak Fact Sheet: Institutional 


Outbreak Fact Sheet: Waterborne


Outbreak Fact Sheet: Zoonotic



Pediculosis Fact Sheet

Pertussis Fact Sheet: English


Physical Activity Flyer


Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, Gonococcal (PID) Fact Sheet


Plague Fact Sheet


Polio Fact Sheet


Powassan Virus Disease Fact Sheet


Psittacosis (Ornithosis/Parrot Fever) Fact Sheet


Public Health Careers





Q Fever Fact Sheet



Rabies Fact Sheet


Radiation Fact Sheet


Radon Fact Sheet


Recommended Immunization Schedule: Adults


Recommended Immunization Schedule: Ages 0 - 6 years


Recommended Immunization Schedule: Ages 7 - 18 years


Reye Syndrome Fact Sheet


Rheumatic Fever Fact Sheet


Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever Fact Sheet


Rubella Fact Sheet


Rx & OTC Drug Abuse Fact Sheet



SARS Fact Sheet


Safe Office Fact Sheet


Salmonella Fact Sheet: English


Salmonella Fact Sheet: Spanish


Salmonellosis Fact Sheet


Scabies Fact Sheet: English


Screening Checklist for Vaccine Contraindications: Adults


Screening Questionnaire: Child/Teen Immunizations


Seasonal vs. Pandemic Flu Fact Sheet


Shaken Baby Syndrome Brochure: English


Shaken Baby Syndrome Brochure: Spanish


Shigella Fact Sheet: English


Shigella Fact Sheet: Spanish


Shigellosis Fact Sheet


Should my child stay at home? Flyer


Smallpox Fact Sheet


Spotted Fever Rickettisiosis Fact Sheet


Staphylococcus Aureus Fact Sheet


St. Louis Encephalitis Virus Disease Fact Sheet


Stockpiling Fact Sheet


Storm Fact Sheet


Streptococcus, Group A: Fact Sheet


Streptococcus, Group B: Fact Sheet


Streptococcus, Pneumoniae: Fact Sheet


Streptococcal Toxic Shock Syndrome Fact Sheet


Summary of recommended childhood vaccines


Swim Safety Flyer


Syphilis Fact Sheet




Tetanus Fact Sheet


Thunderstorm Fact Sheet


Tick Pamphlet


Tickborne Diseases - Brochure


Toxic Shock Syndrome Fact Sheet


Toxoplasmosis, Congenital Toxoplasmosis Fact Sheet


Trichinellosis Fact Sheet


Trichinosis Fact Sheet


Trick or Treat Safety Flyer


Tuberculosis Fact Sheet


Tularemia Fact Sheet


Typhoid Fever Fact Sheet


Typhus Fever Fact Sheet



UV Safety Fact Sheet



Vaccines: Children & Teen requirements


Vaccine Information Statements (VIS)


Vaccine Information Statement (VIS) Instuctions


Vancomycin Resistant Enterococcus Fact Sheet


Varicella-Zoster Infections (Chickenpox, Herpes Zoster & Shingles) Fact Sheet


Vibriosis Fact Sheet


Viral Hemorrhagic Fever: VHF Fact Sheet


Vital Statistics Flyer



Waterborne Disease Outbreak Fact Sheet 


West Nile Virus Fact Sheet


Western Equine Encephalitis (WEE) Fact Sheet 


Winter Car Seat Safety Flyer


Winter Weather Food Safety Flyer








Yellow Fever Fact Sheet


Yersiniosis Fact Sheet